How much does a free bank account cost?


Although it would seem that a free bank account does not cost anything, it is not easy at present. We have to meet more and more requirements not to pay for using our account every month. So how much does a free bank account cost?

Although currently, according to the law, banks are to offer free accounts for their clients, the same account without a card is quite a big problem – how to finally withdraw money when we do not have any outlets in the area? What’s more, the withdrawal of funds in a bank window can cost us more than having a card. So let’s focus on those bank accounts that are offered with the cards – they are the ones most often chosen by Poles.

Free bank accounts without cards are available – then we do not pay anything, regardless of the amount of money we have on your account. However, we must remember that some banks have specific requirements that we must meet. Below we present the most common ones.

Do you want to have a free account? Take care of regular income

First of all, we should point out here to the necessity of maintaining regular receipts on the bank account. In many banks only then will we not be subject to payment of a few or even several zlotys a month for having a bank account. The level of inflows varies depending on the bank – it is usually between PLN 1,000 and PLN 2,000 per month, but for some bank accounts, it is much higher.

Some banks also apply the requirement to maintain a specific balance on your account – then you must have an adequate amount of money in your account, for example, 100 zlotys.

What do we have to do to use a payment card for free?

Another issue is the payment card to our bank account. Here, it can also be free, but when we meet certain requirements. Banks most often require clients to perform a certain number of transactions with a card for a month or to pay for a certain amount, for example, 200 or 300 PLN. If we do not meet these conditions, the bank will charge a fee for using the card, which is usually several zlotys.

It is also worth mentioning that it can cost a lot to withdraw money from ATMs. Usually, we do not pay a zloty at the bank’s ATMs, although there are already fees, for example when paying smaller sums. However, when we want to use ATMs from other banks, we will be exposed to high commissions of up to 10 zlotys.

How do you find a free bank account for yourself?

Therefore, a free bank account can cost us a lot when we do not use it in accordance with the bank’s guidelines. Then the institution may require us to pay for account maintenance, use of the card or withdrawals from ATMs, and even for transfers.

When we are looking for a good bank account for ourselves, which will not cost us PLN, we should familiarize ourselves with the requirements set by the banks. Precise information can be found now online – on the banks’ websites and with a practical comparison of online banking offers.