Loss of payment card during the holidays. What to do?

The use of payment cards outside the country is not surprising at present. This is a convenient method of payment, although we must usually reckon with additional commissions. But what can you do if your card is stolen or lost during the holidays? You have to act quickly.

Losing a portfolio full of important documents, money, and cards is no pleasure. When we are on holiday with family or friends, then they can help us. But what if we do not have such a possibility? It is worth knowing how to deal with such unforeseen situations.

Payment card reservation

Utrata karty płatniczej podczas wakacji. Co robić?



When we see that our payment card has been lost or stolen, we should make a reservation as soon as possible. In this case, we must call (+48) 828 828 828, which operates from anywhere in the world and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then we say the name of the bank, and the speech recognition system redirects us to the helpline of our banking institution. There we will be able to make reservations about the card.

What if we do not have a telephone?

It may also happen that we will not be able to use the telephone from which the card can be claimed. Then, we can also often make reservations about the card via the Internet by logging in to your internet account.

We can also go to a Polish consulate or embassy when we have the opportunity. Sometimes we get help in a hotel or in local banks, which may allow us to make a phone call.

Where to get money?

When we have been stealing cards with a small amount of cash or we do not have any money at all, we have several options. Abroad we can use the option of emergency cash withdrawal – however, it is worth remembering that not every bank gives us such an opportunity. It mainly concerns credit card holders and is also associated with considerable costs.

The second option is to send money through companies such as Western Union, which deal with their transfers in most countries around the world. We must then ask someone familiar or family to give us the money. Unfortunately, it is also a fairly high cost, but we will not have to interrupt the holidays.

When the tourist remains cut off from the funds, he can also go to the consulate or the embassy. Then someone from the family or friends can also make a transfer to the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then these funds can be collected at the facility. It is also the cheapest option to raise money when we were robbed.

Losing your card abroad – a summary

Therefore, when someone has stolen or lost a card abroad, we should immediately report such a situation to her bank. Also, it’s worth thinking about how to get the necessary funds to continue your vacation. In the worst case, we will be forced to finish them prematurely.